Beta 8

GitHub commit f6e599c (November 8 2018)

You can get the eighth beta of InForm here (you’ll need QB64 v1.2):


Instructions: Place the installer in your QB64 folder and run it. The latest version of InForm will be downloaded and compiled. If you already have the installer on your machine from the Beta 7 release, there is no need to download it again. Running the binary will fetch the latest release.

ZIP packages:

Unzip the contents of the zip into your QB64 folder maintaining the path structure.

Instructions: Run UiEditor.exe.

Instructions: Run the appropriate setup script (.sh for Linux, .command for macOS – you may have to chmod +x it first). After conclusion, the UiEditor binary will be automatically launched. The first time it’s run it’ll compile the preview component before it shows its main interface.


The source code is licensed under the MIT License and is also available on GitHub and you can follow development as it goes.