Version 1.3

GitHub commit 36a7f9a (October 12 2021)

You can get version 1.3 of InForm here (you’ll need QB64, preferably, the latest version of the compiler).



  • Windows: InFormSetup.exe (4,159 KB)
    Instructions: Place the installer in your QB64 folder and run it. The latest version of InForm will be downloaded and compiled.
  • macOS and Linux: Get the latest version from GitHub here.
    Instructions: Unpack the contents of the package to your QB64 folder, maintaining the folder structure. To make sure you unpacked it right, you should have the scripts in the same folder as your QB64 binary, a file called falcon.h in the same location, and a subfolder called InForm with the remaining library files. With that done, run the appropriate script (it might be necessary to chmod +x the script first).


The source code is licensed under the MIT License and is also available on GitHub and you can follow development as it goes.