Version 1.3 changelog

Hello, everyone. I’m releasing v1.3 today, and I hope you guys will enjoy this update.

New Feature

Version 1.3 brings one major feature, which hopefully will be very helpful to everyone maintaining InForm-based projects.

Up until v1.2, you could load a .frm file you had created earlier, make edits to it and export the updated form file, but you’d have to make manual changes to the accompanying .bas file. Now InForm is a tad smarter on that front and it will cater for that so you don’t have to.

Adding, renaming, deleting controls will all reflect in your existing .bas file, all while preserving existing code you may have already added. That means more productivity, since you’ll be able to focus on what really matters for your development workflow.

If anything goes wrong, don’t worry. Your files will still be fully backed up before any changes are performed, so you can always restore them.

Fixes and other changes

The core library, InForm.ui, has now been split into two files: will come at the top and InForm.ui will now come at the end of a generated InForm program. That makes sure you get faster feedback from the compiler/error checker in QB64’s IDE, since your sub procedures will be compiled first, then InForm last.

There have also been several fixes under the hood. You can check them out in our commit log on GitHub:…v1.3

Thanks to everyone for your interest in QB64 + InForm. Let me know if any issues arise.

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