Version 1.0 is out!

Without much fanfare, I’m rolling out today version 1.0 of InForm. If you have beta version 7 or 8, you will be prompted to update to version 1.0 next time you launch InForm Designer.

The update notice you’ll get starting today

Since Beta 8 was released, a year ago, I’ve only made a few tweaks to things I had noticed were still slightly off. Today’s release contains all of those (which would have been called Beta 9 otherwise), but a year of testing has proven me it was stable enough to finally leave the beta phase.

The updater doing its thing.

Starting with this version, the internal __UI_VersionNumber will contain the build number, whereas the __UI_Version constant will contain the user-friendly version string, “v1.0” in this case.

As usual, please let me know how the update process goes and if you happen to find any issues with the latest version of InForm, please let me know in the dedicated InForm area in our forum, and you can also contact me on Twitter (@FellippeHeitor) and via email (

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