New version: Beta version 8

InForm’s auto-updater in action

Roughly five months after the release of Beta 7, InForm finally reaches another milestone with enough improvements and new features to justify a version bump.

This new release focused mainly on stability, but you’ll still find some interesting new features to play with and enhance your applications.

If you get Beta 8, please let me know how the experience with it goes. You can report issues or make comments at the dedicated InForm board at our forum.

Here’s some of what’s been fixed and some of what’s new as well.

Beta 8 Changelog


  • New GIF player extension.
    • Zom-B wrote a GIF player and shared it with the QB64 community (you can find his original code in our wiki). This release of InForm incorporates Zom-B’s code into the first extension to InForm. Just add a PictureBox control and load an animated GIF. The rest is done automatically for you.
  • New .AutoScroll property for ListBox controls.
    • This property will have the list automatically scroll when a new item is added. Although the property was already available in Beta 7, only now it has been made available in the Editor.
  • .Value property of NumericTextBox controls now contains the current value entered.
    • In the previous version, you’d have to read the Text() property of a NumericTextBox field and convert it with VAL() to use in calculations. This is now done automatically for you and all you have to do is read the .Value property of your control as in MyValue% = Control(MyNumericTextBox1).Value.
  • New .AutoSize property for labels.
    • Labels would automatically resize at design time, but now you can also set a single-line label to adjust at runtime by setting the .AutoSize property to True.
  • New .BorderSize property.
    • All controls that accept the .HasBorder property can now have their border size adjusted to up to 10 pixels.
  • New SelectItem function for List/DropdownList controls.
    • Syntax:
      • Found%% = SelectItem(ControlID, “Item”).
    • Can be used to select an item by contents instead of by index. If the list contains multiple identical items, the first is selected.
    • Adjusts the .Value property if the item is found and returns True.
    • If item is not found, returns False.
  • Controls can now have a key combination assigned so they can be triggered using the keyboard.
    • It’s also the easiest way to add a key combo to menu items.


  • Controls with boolean values now have a True/False list to choose from. No longer having to type 0 or -1 to set them at design time.
  • System fonts and font sizes are now in lists for ease of selection.
  • TCP/IP is now used to communicate between the editor and the preview window.
    • The previous approach involved constantly reading a file on disk to exchange data. Now, because of the new technique, your operating system may ask you permission to allow InForm to communicate via TCP/IP, which you should grant in order to allow it to work properly.
  • New Paste List button allows for easy filling of ListBox/DropdownList controls.
  • Swapping of similar control types now possible.
    • A menu bar item can be turned into a contextual menu, a text box into a numeric text box, a toggle switch into a checkbox, a listbox into a dropdown list. Look for the ‘Convert to’ option in the Edit menu or by right-clicking controls in the preview.
  • Hitting ENTER is no longer required to apply changes to control properties.
  • ContextMenus can now be easily created and associated with controls.
  • Menus can now have sub-menus.
  • Allows TrackBar controls to have their “ticks” hidden.
  • File menu now contains a list of recently opened files.
  • New “Save As…” dialog.
    • Up to Beta 7, the forms you designed would be saved with an automatic name taken from the Form’s caption property and would be saved in QB64’s main folder. Now you can specify a file name and a path at save time with the new “Save as…” dialog.

One thought on “New version: Beta version 8”

  1. Fellippe, thank you very much for the excellent work, I’m starting to use QB64 in linux lubuntu and InForm will help me a lot with the GUI in linux.
    One suggestion, it would be possible to add something to open a dialog box to choose and save files, that would be perfect.
    Keep up the good work!!!

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